Helen Kelly can provide the following genealogy services; consultancy services, Irish genealogy lectures and genealogical research projects.


If you are considering a trip to Dublin to carry out your own ancestral research and are confused about which of Dublin’s many record offices are most suitable to your research, you may wish to avail of Helen Kelly’s genealogy consultancy services.

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Since 2000 Helen has delivered lectures on genealogy to various visiting corporate and tourism groups, and to societies and clubs at home and abroad. She has also broadcast on radio and television in many countries including Ireland and the United States.

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If you would like to have your Irish ancestry researched and are uncertain how to start, why not avail of Helen Kelly’s free on-line assessment service? Helen will then assess your information and provide you with an estimate of the cost of possible research.

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What Our Clients Say

  • A quick look (at your research report) has enthralled me and excited me. I am truly grateful to you and your efforts in this research and I am sure that my family will be happy to know of your findings.

    Martin Kelly
    Crewe Cheshire, U.K.
  • The fond but vague interest I felt for my Irish roots became defined, and even urgent, when my close relatives were no longer around to tell precious family stories. I had little information when I set out to find my grandfather´s tracks. By some stroke of luck, I landed at Helen´s doorstep at the very outset. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were instrumental in my finding and connecting with a family history that has changed my life. And her understanding of the significance of these journeys is an added value to the excellent service she offers.

    Cristina Abaca
    Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • My whole family is thrilled with your research results. I called my mother and told her to “pack her bags.” because I’m taking her to Ireland. I could “hear” her tearing up. Thank you for this extremely thorough report.

    M. A.
    Nashua, New Hampshire, United States